Your photos are beautiful; you must have a good camera? If you are a serious photographer, you have certainly heard this more than once in your life.

In my early days as a photographer, I decided to participate in my first collective art show. During the first day, a woman came to my booth and kept asking me questions about my photos, the material I used, how I produced, etc. In short, she took a lot of space at my booth. During this time, customers passed by and seeing that I was very busy, they continued their way for the most part. Finally, after nearly 2 hours at my side, the nice lady decided to leave.

The next morning, I was very surprised to see that the nice lady opened her booth near the entrance and was basically offering the same products I was. I have to say that I was very disappointed, hurt and frustrated by the unfairness of the situation. Early afternoon, an older man stopped at my booth. He examined my products very carefully then, without saying a word, went around the room a second time to return again to my booth. He did the same thing again and then went around the room a third time. But this time, I was ready, ready to give him a piece of my mind.

He didn’t give me a chance to say anything and began to tell me a story while looking at me with a beautiful smile. Do you know the story of two great friends; a photographer and a painter? Despite their friendship, they had never seen each other’s work.One day, the photographer invited his friend to the opening of his first art exhibit. The painter could not believe the beauty and quality of his friend’s photography and said to him, “Your photos are simply beautiful. You must have a good camera?”. The photographer simply smiled without saying a word.Six months later, it was the painter’s turn to invite his friend to the opening of his first art exhibit. The photographer was captivated by the beauty and simplicity of his friend’s paintings and said to him, “Your paintings are simply beautiful. You must have good brushes?”.The older man winked at me and said, “Your photos are beautiful and you have lots of talent. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And then he went on his way. This encounter did me a lot of good and I have never looked back after that.

The moral of this story, saying that a photographer has a good camera is like saying that a painter has good brushes.

The camera doesn’t make the picture. You, the photographer, make the picture.

Lilianne Pilon Photographer

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