Are you living the life of your dreams or are you a dream killer? But what is a dream killer? First of all, you need to know that there are 2 kinds; yourself and others.

Did you ever think that your dream is unattainable, that you can’t make it or you are not good enough? If you say so, then it must be true since you believe it. In this case, you are the dream killer. Reality is tough but that is how it works.

Or, do you truly believe in your dreams but let others influence you. Have people ever told you that you should keep your two feet on the ground, or to face reality, or that dreams don’t bring food to the table? They are dream killers. They are people that are close to you, that love you and want the best for you. That’s all. They simply don’t want to see you suffer!!! This is ironic since it is sufferance that pushed you toward working on making your dream come true.

Yes, we all have dreams and don’t need to sleep to have them. Dreams are what we wish for, our goals and the challenges we face in our life. Without dreams everything would be black & white, dull, boring, tough, even unbearable… especially for me!

What is your dream? What do you want to become? What do you want to do? As a little girl, I dreamed of travel and photography. In my teens, I started to do photography then I studied tourism in college. I was finally starting to get closer to my goal. Then I became an “adult”… with responsibilities, need for financial security, worrying about what people are going to think or say, etc. My dreams became souvenirs that I was flirting with at night. At the beginning, everything was fine but when things got worse, I would change jobs to get a better position with more money. In time, the new job no longer fulfilled my needs and even worse, I could no longer find a new job. Why, because my subconscious understood my basic needs. He understood that I needed to make my dream come true in order to fulfill myself and to be happy in life.

Not easy you say. I know as I was there. I was holding on desperately to my job and to the money and “advantages” it brought me. Then, in 2013 I did the big jump!!! How?? With time I learned that “how” was not important. I simply put all my energies together to prepare the ground and to mentally prepare myself to the change. Every day I would repeat to myself “I am an artist photographer who participates in art shows, who teaches and accompany people as passionate as me, I am self-employed and I work at my own pace”. I believed it very hard and I did not doubt myself and, one day, I was given an offer I could not refuse. So you see, I put all my energies into my dreams without thinking of the “how” and the “when” or the “false reality” of the process.

What about you, are you going to seize the opportunity? Are you a dream killer or do you let other dream killers influence you? It is up to you to decide, the ball is in your court!

This first blog is an introduction and self awareness on my part. I hope with all my heart that it will be an inspiration for many.

Now that you know me better, come and share my dream. Every week, I will bring something new to my blog; an article, a picture, some products, an announcement, etc. I hope that you will have as much fun in following me that I have in making my dream come true.

Lilianne Pilon Photographer

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