When preparing our vacation, most of us wish for sunshine and nice temperature according to our choice of activities. But what do you do if it is jellyfish season in the sea, or if there are smelly brown seaweeds alongside the beach or if it rains almost every day for very long period?

If your answer is “I’m going to give a hard time to my travel agent or to my travel provider, you are wasting your time, and that’s final! Mother Nature is the master of the world and no one has control over her. So, let’s find a solution to adapt and spend “rich and happy” moments. After all, it’s vacation time!

Before choosing my destination, I always decide if I want to rest, to discover, to go on adventures or to simply do something different. Whatever the reason, I must remind myself that I will be in another country with different customs, different language, different food, different laws, and so on. It’s up to us to adapt to them, not the opposite. It’s a question of respect.

Personally, when I go on vacation, it’s for two weeks or more. I like to enjoy the place and take my time. First, I explore the resort and take pictures. Then, I explore the beach (if I’m staying near the ocean), then the village and the market to immerse myself in the local color. For food, it’s different. Having intestinal problems, I’m always careful to try new things. So, I go for sure things and I try something new each day, if I have the nerve.

During my stays at the beach, I have repeatedly been unable to enjoy swimming for various reasons. I always bring books along with paper and pencils to write. If it rains, it happened to me once for almost 2 weeks, I bring card games that do not take up space in my luggage. Between reading, writing, games, indoor markets and indoor activities, I’m never bored. I adapt myself. Not always easy, I admit. But to feel sorry for myself will bring me nothing but “poor and unhappy moments”. In short, nothing I’m looking for.

Lilianne Pilon Photographer

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