Recently, a lady asked me the famous question “What are the benefits of going digital?”

I was surprised by her question because nowadays, no one asks me that. At the same time, I said to myself, but why not, it is the logical step toward technological evolution, right?

But no, it’s not that easy. Yes, I can tell you that:

  • Nowadays, the quality of digital photography is excellent and you will not see the difference on your prints,
  • Photos can be viewed immediately and be corrected as needed,
  • ISO value can changed at any time,
  • Lots of pictures can be stored on your memory card at no additional cost,
  • No need to print all your photos to see them, only print those that are beautiful or that you like,
  • Photos can be viewed on the computer, tablet, cell, or you can even watch them on your TV or on a digital frame,
  • Learning is lot easier and faster,
  • Photos can be corrected, modified or improved, if necessary, on the computer, or directly on the camera,
  • And so on, because I’m sure I could find other benefits.

But, did you know that films seem to be more popular among some photographers? Even Polaroid has released new instant camera models. You remember the camera that, once you pressed on the shutter button, the photo would come right out? Then, it took 60 seconds or so, for the photo to be fully developed before peeling off the paper that covered it?

All this is true, but the thing that strikes me the most is that our brain and our body are becoming lazier with the arrival of new technology. We do not need to get up to change the station on the TV set. No need to run when the phone rings. No need to wash the dishes by hand, same thing for laundry. No need to write long letters to our friends, etc. All good things have their downsides. With the arrival of digital cameras, we make less and less efforts to take a good or great shot the first time around. It doesn’t matter, there is Photoshop… but, Photoshop is a software that enables us to modify, correct or improve our photos. It is no longer photography rather image processing on the computer.

There’s nothing wrong with it, if you want to spend time in front of a screen but, photography, the real thing, is spending time on the field taking real pictures and doing your best to take good shots the first time around… or take a few shots!

Lilianne Pilon Photographe

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